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American International is an open university with a School of Continuing Education, Professional Studies and/or Travel Studies. We are dedicated to open minded U.S. and foreign-born indigenous, first- and second-generation Hispanics, Blacks, disadvantaged Caucasians and disabled citizens. We urge co-mingling among scholars, faculty, mentors and researchers with hopes you may stimulate one another all the while investigations and research are undertaken.

  • Principal Diplomas granted are Approved Continuing Education Certificates and Professional Studies;

  • Certificates are granted for having completed AMIU sponsored tours and Travel Study Programs; 

  • Entrepreneurs gain fantastic opportunities to interact as they work with others;

  • Indigenous who attend special functions and those who interact with them gain exclusive opportunities for cross cultural experiences; and,

  • Professionals wanting to design a unique studies program are welcomed.



                Enjoy! But always let us answer your questions. Join us soon!

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 Udated 2-22-15. Note our Board of Directors invites professionals to join them as they redesign all offerings made. AMIU is intent upon having a faculty with renown stature and students and scholars coming from all walks of life.