School of Continuing Education (CE)

Dialogue-Producing Consortium and American International University provide Approved Continuing Education - An Approved Continuing Education Sponsor. Courses are held in non-commercial, public and commercial settings.

Licensed individuals may satisfy Continuing Education requirements taking courses in:

  • Tough conversations between elders and their children to reach care giver assistance plans & reach agreed to guardianship accords

  • Erring ethically in domestic violence cases: first responders, mediators, law enforcers & DAs

  • Ethics violations at public & private prisons for profit holding minors & adults who've committed no criminal offenses - addresses Flores v. Meese, 681 F Supp 665 (1988); Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 - 42 USC Sec 15601; Morissette v. U.S., 246, 263 (1952) against torture; & 18 US Code 2340-2340A

  • On insurance providers who fail to pay as demanded by OHSA and other legal statutes

  • Spying on US citizens violates the principles of human dignity and social justice

  • Privacy issues, identity theft and ethics that drive illegal NSA and other secreted data collection 

  • Ethical issues associated with denying Geneva Convention Rights to foreigners

  • Ethics of grooming democracies and temporal atrophy at the end of a gun

  • Ethics of leaders who issue orders to torture but remain unaccountable themselves

  • Discussing non-partiality standards in Model Code Rules 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 for Judges, MFTs and Attorneys

  • Sensitizing citizens to unethical behaviors of whom, "deceive the public and enable crime" 

  • Dealing with unethical conduct and denial of addicts to easy money & enablers on the take

  • Community-based VD prevention; and policing similar street diseases

  • Law enforcement procedures and community policing CE updating

  • Short course on ethics for mental health, nursing and medical personnel

  • CE course on stress management and/or the addiction to easy money

  • Beyond fraudulent corporate practices & promoting confidence

  • Professional ethics needed to prevent and overcome fraud or corruption

  • Sensitivity training for educators, physicians, psychiatrists, social workers

  • Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome covering conflicts faced in armed combat and after returning home

  • On cyber security, ISIL, teorrorist, Chinese and former Soviet hackings and, Surveillance

TEA Approved Courses For School Board Members & Charter School Board Members and Officers include:

  • Dialogue on how to stop bullying, scapegoating and acquiescing in lieu of democracy and peacemaking

  • Dealing with gun violence, weapon control, brutality, and police use of lasers

  • Failing to gain High-Speed Internet or to prepare students for a technology-driven world

  • School Districts that condone prejudice, torture, bullying, prison rape or fascism

  • Strengthening systems crunched due to unpreparedness and disaster relief demands

  • Investing tax income in guaranteed stocks & bonds vs scratching local bankers' backs

  • Empowering citizens to fight school violence and achieve zero infractions

  • Ethical issues behind ”Why we must not destroy the democratic way of life"

  • Coach entrepreneurs, especially those not likely to attend college - For Spanish readers  Presione aquí Español

  • On halting anger and torture syndromes fostered by high government officials

  • Prevent ethical dilemmas associated with school vouchers/Florida Supreme Court ruling

  • Sensitizing helping professionals to unacceptable forms of abuse, even religious abuse

  • Deceit damages society, so let’s demand first responder ethics

  • School mediation; Family mediation; and, Commercial mediation

  • Policy alternatives to junk food, cancer, depression and improper dieting

  • Forming policies and invoking leadership ethics

Special arrangements will be made to offer an Approved Continuing Education course at the request of prospective class participants.

Examiners who pass judgment on our School as an Approved Continuing Education Sponsor are: 

  1. The Texas State Board of Marriage & Family Therapist, Approved Training Provider 688

  2. Texas Education Agency, Accredited Provider # 15-057-B Approved 3 year Registration 8-20-15

  3. The Minimum Legal Continuing Education Division of the State Bar of Texas  - Center 1240

Last updated October 3, 2015

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