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Host an event. Or, join a teach in, meet up or discussion group!


It is time we bridge, support and amplify the work of our 18 groups as they relate to freeing immigrant family members. A major urgency exists. It derives from the reality parents and children are picked up by authorities, then detained. In this process many children are left somewhere to fend for themselves. If asylum rights are not recognized, deportations occur.  on the street.


We are reaching out now to individuals who have the knowledge, passion, organizing skills and spunk needed to network and expedite change in the conditions of these immigrant children and their parents caught up in a quagmire of injustices.


Today we held a small starter meeting. These will continue in various forums including personal exchanges, telecoms, seminars, internet chat rooms and video hook ups.  Let's continue caucusing, growing our capabilities, messing expertises, scheduling and rescheduling so that we gain maximum participation.


We envision developing the teach-ins/meet ups to accomplish the goal of increasing the number of activists by first informing and secondly directing individuals to activities designed to not only raise public awareness but to influence legislation with the ultimate goal of de-funding projects we know are detrimental to the quality of life of all inhabiting US soil, be it in these centers of incarceration or the society at large.


Many want the work we are doing to have even greater focus and for our efforts to end up with solutions not long term belly aching. Certainly we want to help heal a Nation that has gone awry. So, let’s join forces (whether some get scrappy or not) and discuss, develop and realize a series of teach-ins/meet ups which shed light on the conditions of the children and their families and communities. We should present information with the expectation that self-starters in group after group will fulfill our purposes by taking the actions necessary which broaden our movement and influence government to jerk the funding of for-profit prisons, the incarceration of former tax payers and kids and/or unaccompanied minors, the border wall etc., (all our causes) until the U.S. peoples, as a nation can walk forth honorably, rather than one that bashes foreigners, maims kids and parents for life and wastes public funds propagating hate.


We can change this.  Let's set a date and layout a contract detailing what you want to happen! 



Contact Kenneth Koym, Founder, Psychotherapist, Retired Military Research Scientist & Life Member of American Psychological Association, Tel: 512.215.4798, email or send a request via snail mail.