Earn a Travel Study or Leisure Studies Certificate

Various annual, monthly, quarterly and special travel study programs are organized for AMIU students, scholars, first time visitors, return visitors and/or university supporters.


Diverse social and cultural options await one regardless of the purpose. We serve

  • Pleasure seekers, government workers or travelers who wish to expand their international knowledge, cultural sensitivity or our guests merely wish to spend time away from home or office.

  • Specialized visits to Maya ruins, the Guatemala Maya Museum in Petén, or special tours are hosted by specialists from the region. Tour guides may give give our guests a running history about the ruins, involve them discussions on the current rebirth of the Mayan culture or critical needs of these societies today.

One may visit Xunantunich, a Maya ruin found on Belize's western border with Guatemala shown below.



In North Eastern Guatemala, one may visit Tikal.   pb030083-tikal-c-acropolis_edited.jpg

Other Travel Study Options May Be Arranged

  • Youth Incentive and Motivation Travel Program - Includes a special membership for which reduced fees may apply. A membership card must be purchased.

  • Sister Cities Coordination and Cultural Appreciation Opportunity Development

  • Senior-Citizens Travel Study Program

  • Degree candidates (AMIU students or scholars) who intend to expand their knowledge through visits to and interaction with renown experts in their field or with management professionals; or among Mexican or Central American native populations or culturally rich settings.

  • Specially-arranged small-group classes held in Guatemala may study a Maya dialect.

  • Any Travel Study Program Participant may earn a certificate

  • Certificates of completion are granted to any individual who registers and completes a travel study activity; course; or adventure offered.

Select a tour and set up a travel study reservation.

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