Present and Past Advisory Board Members

Thanks for reviewing Advisory Board incumbents. We are proud to announce the following persons who choose to lend their leadership, expertise and guidance to the University. New nominations are regularly accepted. These persons are especially precious to each of us. We ask that you respect the privacy of our Board members and their families as they serve the University without pay.

Ms. Norva Hill, was born and grew up in Columbus, Texas. She relentlessly pushed University founders to carry torches on behalf of her black heritage. She insisted "We must reach to and mentor those less able to fend for themselves". Nova became renown in her fight for humanity  and making education available to impoverished US citizens. She founded a sister Texas Nonprofit service organization [now known as the Inter-American Educational Consortium] in 1969. Through that entity, Ms. Hill's continuing fight for the education, welfare and human rights of African Americans, Mexicans and impoverished Caucasians matches that of the most valiant of US pioneers.

Renown educator and retired School Superintendent Pedro Hernandez championed efforts to overcome prejudices against Hispanics throughout the USA. Even after weathering heart attacks he untiringly shared his culture and heritage as a proud a member South Texas Spanish Land Grant Family. He pioneered fights for distance education as a means for meeting vast needs without making expensive investments in high-cost buildings or material possessions.

Mr. Howard Dillon and his family enjoyed the company of the John D. Rockefeller Family from 1905 to 1920. Mr. Dillon understood the third world. Guadalajara, Mexico was his headquarters from 1969-2002. His contributions strengthened student-growth and micro economics. Without a classroom, Dillon modeled entrepreneurship and free enterprise where ever his Volks Wagon Rabbit carried him. At near age 90, he made a dramatic comeback after being run over in a Street and left for dead.  This zeal for life showed us his strong will to survive the toughest of challenges.

Charles Hoskins, Col US Army Retired, PhD, served on the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board from 1995 to his death at Ft Sam Houston. Hoskins served as a Secret Service Officer for Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Ike Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson after having served with renown Generals on the Pacific war fronts. He worked diligently to advance Higher Education in the third World. He demanded rigorous adherence to the cardinal principles of education, which he learned training the first 5,000 females ever to come into the US Army starting in 1942, and on behalf of harmony and good will for humankind world wide.

Carlos Villatorro, N.D., Lic. Ac. says "Today a tremendous need exists to advance higher education and R & D among the impoverished and the indigenous; no doubt too few appreciate the cultures or the plight found beyond our US borders. More than five million Maya are found in Guatemala alone." Early on Carlos led 150 refugees and family members out of El Salvador. These faced skirmishes with waring Central American dictators. 

To be an Advisory Board Member, find a way to be nominated. The University Board of Trustees approves of and invites those selected aboard. We are gracious to have benefitted from renown University supporters, Alumni and Professional and lay volunteers.

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                                                                                    Updated May 25, 2007