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Person-Centered Professional Education

On Developing Your Plan of Studies 

If you wish to complete an AMIU Professional studies, please return to this page and follow the links found below. Then, you may design your degree plan and submit it for admission to our Professional Studies Program. Once you are approved to begin your studies via distance education, you must ask your University mentor to help you select and organize the degree committee needed to proceed. The committee member selection process clearly determines the quality of professional work completed at AMIU.  One should select committee members based on their stature in your profession.

In AMIU's Personal-Centered studies, self-directed, goal-oriented individuals, who require little supervision or external motivation, are invited to employ the Socratic and/or Confucian learning model and to work with qualified experts who mentor their studies and research. Resulting graduate degrees are granted only after approved studies have been completed and recommended by a properly constituted professional studies program committee. 

For more information please click here to contact a university consultant.


Arrangements can be made with diverse research centers if a student seeks approval to draw upon resources or research and investigations opportunities not a part of AMIU. One such center is: Ask your University mentor to discuss such an arrangement.
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Udated 10-14-08. Note our Board of Directors invites professionals to join them as they redesign all offereings made. AMIU is intent upon having a faculty with renown stature and students and scholars coming from all walks of life.