How to Gain Admission
Steps in the AMIU Application Process

Applications may be initiated on an email (or on a personal basis) with a University Administrator, an authorized country or regional Representative or with a detailed email response to five open  - ended questions (with the applicant keeping a full disc and hard copy of his/her submissions understanding that email may not arrive.) Submit English emails to and Spanish emails to to begin a working relationship with an AMIU Counselor. (All submissions must be presented to an authorized University representative and be reviewed in English by a University admissions counselor to assure a non-traditional learning approach is initiated from the outset.) [For payments ask your university counselor for bank account details.] Incomplete applications will be returned until full details are provided. Hard copy transcripts of past university work, special certificates, diplomas, and other records must be mailed to our non-commercial administrative office setting at: 9704 Monarch Ln, Austin TX 78724-5840, USA.

       Thereafter each applicant will amplify the initial written application details submitted, and thereby turn it into a plan of study and a Student-University Learning Contract. Whereas the non-traditional learning process is not suited for everyone, we use the application process to  assure each learner is persistent enough satisfy the rigorous carry through and internal drive needed to complete an AMIU degree.


Continue to live at your own place and process at your own pace


For an On-line University application form, click on: ApplicationForm.html; and [See note below.] To contribute to the Third-world Student Scholarship Fund Click This will allow you to obtain an official form and the particulars needed from the University Endowment Officer.  Contact us at:

Note: No Application Form or Student Scholarship Fund links are available at this time.                       

Registration At the Graduate School

The university observes an open admissions policy followed by formal registration. AMIU accepts previously degreed applicants as able to discern their ability to assume the challenge of faculty-supervised, individualized masters, PhD or post-graduate programs starting at the time of application. Individuals may apply for and be accepted into a degree program by the first of any month. Admission is granted to qualified candidates without regard to ethnic background, gender, physical disability, age or other discriminatory considerations. Applicants without academic credentials are invited to enroll in the Background Assessment of abilities and skills program; herein an evaluation is made of their potential for admittance into a graduate degree plan.

Contact us at:


Bear with us; Spanish and Chinese web page options are being restored. We hope those links lets you gain a warm  means to make decisions and participative relationship to AMIU.

                                             Tuition & Fees


Degree candidates pay minimal basic program fees to compensate faculty and administrators. Other program costs are determined by individual needs, special faculty or mentor travel requirements and learning methods employed.

University consultants guide applicants and recommend learning opportunities available to maintain reasonable investment and return from funds available to an individual for graduate education. The university invites applicants to apply for scholarships available. Contact us at: 

Note: The Online Application & Student Scholarship Fund links are not available.


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