Contribute to AMIU’s Endowment Fund

In the Spring of 1997, American International University Ltd took minimum steps to set up a University Endowment Fund as permitted by law, 34 CFR Part 628, the program statute, and the Endowment Challenge Grant Program, program regulation, 34 CFR Part 607. Safe guards were instituted to assure all resources deposited to the Endowment Fund would be used for publicly declared goals and purposes.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund give the University a basis for institutional growth; faculty development and exchange; funds and administrative management; development of distance learning competencies, self studies and academic success; acquisition of equipment for use in strengthening funds management; distance learning competence and/or academic programs; joint use of facilities including telecommunicative libraries, source materials and laboratories; students service; use of mentors to guide, tutor, and counsel students and monitor student service programs designed to improve distance learning and traditional academic program success.

The foregoing list of needs and requirements are immense. However, one of the tools needed immediately is an e-commerce method for accepting contributions on-line. The University is entitled to accept your donations as an Indiana religious nonprofit corporation dedicated to the indigenous. Feel assured the intent is to carry out the University Vision with a fond regard for the Cardinal Principles of Education set forth by and attributed to the Honorable Thomas Jefferson.

Please help our students and faculty fulfill their dreams and desires.  Reduce the costs native-born indigenous and/or third-world scholar must pay to complete an approved degree plan leading to a graduate degree or approved continuing education course.

Ask the University's Office of Development and Planning for forms which will allow you to send your contributions. Contact us via email in care of the: AMIU Development Officer. But, rather than wait, we urge you to take out your check book and make that much needed contribution immediately. Send your contribution to:
AMIU Development Office
9704 Monarch Ln, Austin TX 78724-5840
Attn: Kenneth Koym, Director


A way to find real peace of mind for yourself and to help the University Endowment Fund too!


Many people put off making a Will. "Oh my estate is not enough to need a Will," you may say. Or "I just do not like thinking about it, so I'll put it off a bit."

And the thought of making a Will stays in the back of your mind, giving you a nudge from time to time.


Do you really need a Will? Yes, you do.

No matter how many possessions you have or how few, no matter how large your savings or how small, a Will allows you to arrange that, at your death, they will be distributed according to your wishes.

Without a Will, your possessions and funds are distributed, according to law, by the State, by strangers who have no way of knowing that you have always promised your mother's wedding locket to a favorite niece, or that you wish a handicapped grandchild to have a larger share of your estate than the others.

It is important to your peace of mind to know that the blessings of God has given you will be passed on as you yourself wish.


A Will in most cases is a simple, quite inexpensive document that your attorney can prepare after a brief discussion with you.

Your attorney will need such information as the names and addresses of everyone you want to remember in your Will, the name of the person you wish to be your executor or executrix, or guardian of your minor children should this apply.

You will most likely also wish to list the charities you have loved and supported in your lifetime.


Already you have given in good measure to the propagation of education through the Church, taxes paid and the University Endowment Fund and we are grateful.

You know that the purpose of your gift is to bring a university education to the lives of students in need as we invite them to study and be an inspiration for mankind.

In sharing the University Vision through the propagation of education, you surely enriched your own life as you answer our maker's call to help others in need.

Will you help once again, as you plan how to leave your life's blessings?

If you already have a Will and now wish to include a bequest for the Propagation of Education, you can add this as a codicil to your Will (or other estate planning document).

As an aid both to you and to your attorney, two suggested forms for bequests to the University Endowment Fund follow:

I give and bequeath to the University Endowment Fund, American International University Ltd  (address), the sum of $ for its general corporate purposes.

I give and bequeath to the University Endowment Fund, American International University Ltd  (address) all (or any percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, of whatsoever kind, nature and description and wheresoever the same may be situated, to be used for its general corporate purposes.

When you make a bequest to the University Endowment Fund, you share in the education of thousands of Students each year by the University Faculty, Mentors and Supervisors who uphold the University Vision as benefactors of education on a local and global basis.

You are also remembered in the prayers of Students, their parents and siblings all over the the world who rely on the help of all who support the University Endowment Fund.


Many friends would like to make a significant gift to Propagate Education now, but need the income that their assets are earning. A Charitable Gift Annuity offers such a solution.

An Annuity is given by the donor now, and invested by the University Endowment Fund to provide the donor and/or beneficiary with an income. At a future time, usually after the death of the donor and/or beneficiary, or after a specified term of years, the gift is transferred to the University Endowment Fund to be used to fulfill the University Vision, the work of the University. An Annuity allows you to claim an income tax charitable contribution, and may reduce your estate taxes.

For further information about your Will, Living Estate Clauses, or about an Annuity, please contact:

American International University Ltd Development Office
9704 Monarch Ln, Austin TX 78724-5840
Attn: The Development Office Director

Accept a word of thanks for visiting this page from AMIU's Office of Development and Marketing. Visit often as we solicit your assistance or comments, your prayers and your guidance.

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