Fulfill Studies In Behavioral Science or Business Without Leaving Your Home Or Work Place

Learner designed study plans may be completed through the Behavioral Sciences & Business School. Learners select and work with advanced Ph.D. level professionals and/or entrepreneurs who mentor independent research, studies, investigations or entrepreneurial endeavors. A learner's interdisciplinary degree may concentrate on mediation, negotiation, leadership, business, coaching entrepreneurs or leisure studies. Experienced entrepreneurs or professionals may design and develop their personalized study plans with support from mentors or adjunct faculty. This forces a degrees to be focused on personal interests and professional goals. Traditional faculty-developed curriculum may be incorporated (if this works best) to satisfy job demands or professional certification or licensure. Such study plan employs individualized learning models appropriate to the candidate, including the following methods: tele-conferencing, webinars, interactive video, email, collaborative technology, independent study, tutorial relationships, or on-site and off-site seminars. This enables studies and research to be done at diverse locations chosen by the learner as long as it may be supervised by an ethics upholding professional.

Candidates may work from their own place, at their own pace, without creating unnecessary burdens on family or professional engagements. Mentoring is expected to go on during all parts of learning processes with arrangments developed so they reduce costs, without sacrificing quality in the studies completed as expected in an open university system. We demand supervision for professionals pursuing their licensure and approved continuing education in compliance with credentialing authority requirements.

A nonprofit research entity: Dialogue-Producing Consortium is associated with AMIU. As feasible this non-profit provides the University community-based field sites, professional expertise or hands-on service opportunities. We hope you may become a volunteer with it or  otherwise appreciate its contributions to education, science and business in settings within and outside the USA (as an NGO).

Please send inquiries to: Behavioral Sciences & Business School

Original copyright September 1997. Udated 7-9-09. Note our Board of Directors invites professionals to join them as they redesign all offereings made. AMIU is intent upon having a faculty with renown stature and students and scholars coming from all walks of life.

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