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Please complete this form so a university professional may know your interests, goals and desires when
 they work with you. You may skip any question you wish. But, answer each
question as fully as possible.
Your answers will permit a counselor or mentor to contact you and
respond to your interest and desires.

If you have trouble completing the form or if you have interests and desires which cannot be
described by completing this form, send an e-mail to

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Note your highest level of educational achievement(s)?
Now help us know about your background.
What is your preferred field of study?
Be as thorough as possible. Focus on what you wish to achieve once you complete a learning
contract with AMIU.

Are you interested in achieving a
master's degree? Yes No
A doctor's degree? Yes No
post-doctor's degree? Yes No
Or, a continuing education program? Yes No
Or, would you like help in formulating a career development plan which fits your needs,
desires and interests? Yes No
Your selection(s) will help a University representative serve you better.

Now, kindly add any additional comments you may desire:

Remember there is room to give additional comments in other on line forms. Please add
them here or send an email.

A        Apologies, please send answers by cutting and pasting your answers in an email. This form
er       errs often
. We are aware of the problem and working on it.

T     Thank you. If you have more information to add later, please complete this form again or

b          better yet, please send us an email at:

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