Openings exist for nominees to the International Council for Scientific and Educational Development.

The Council seeks nominees from professional alliances and the following entities:

  • Organization of the America States
  • Western Hemisphere Indigenous Association
  • International Women's Business Association
  • United Nations Educational Programs Council
  • G-8 Nations & The NATO Alliance
  • Association of the Underdeveloped Nations of the Western Hemisphere
  • The World Council of Churches
  • The Non-Denominational Church Alliance
  • The Vatican Council of Cardinals
  • The American Marriage & Family Therapy Association
  • The American University Women's Association, and
  • The Organization of the Pacific Nations.

If you have been nominated, please be sure a current resume is on file with the Council. Mail this to:

The Coordinator for the International Council – Psychotherapist Kenneth Koym
9704 Monarch Ln, Austin TX 78724-5840 or email:

Distinguished scholars who have been duly nominated and invited are listed as members of the International Council for Scientific and Educational Development.

The Council reviews associated grassroots educational and scientific activities which occur in program relationships with Non-Governmental Organizations. Another principal role and responsibility which Council members fulfill is that of evaluating institutions which offer certificates, diplomas or degrees via distance learning. Because of the foregoing responsibilities, the profile expected of nominees should be the equivalent of a tenured faculty member or senior scientist with appreciation and acceptance of the Socratic and Jeffersonian distance learning educational method.

Here Koym meets with Brazil's immediate past President  Fernando Henrique Cardoso. But we need strength from a whole bunch of hard-hitting leaders. Please help us find and get them aboard.

Last updated November 25, 2006

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