Indigenous R & D Institute

Since its inception the institute has examined the despair faced by native Americans. One study tells of   Karankawa Tribal people who roamed the prairies near Palacios & Bay City off the Gulf of Mexico. By 1860 nearly all were killed. Historical accounts reveal pirates, settlers, particularly religious zealots fiercely pursued tribe members alleged to be cannibalistic or threats to settlers pursuing new homes. Hate crime committed during the heavy traffic by foreign intruders, the native people were maimed and killed across the frontier. Entire burial grounds, habitats and sacred beliefs, customs, practices and ceremonies were destroyed. Similar stories reveal the horror faced throughout the USA and in Taiwan where Hans settlers from mainland China and Japan wiped out 21 tribes of Aborigines.

Spain deeded Lipan Apaches tribal people, including Eloisa Tamez's heirs acres granted in 1763 just 14 miles north of Brownsville, Texas.
In 2009, a US-Mexico Border Wall splits Spanish Land Grant tribal grounds.PBS TV reporters Dan Broncachio & Maria Hinojosa NOW interview Lipan Apache & UT-Brownsville Professor Eloisa Tamez who shows the 18-foot fence in her back yard.Worldwide few stories now trace the deep cultural history and contributions of the indigenous.

These grave losses lie as a core thrust of this Institute. So let's consider the:

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